the process

explosive power

There is a fine line between high horsepower and reliability. Through years of experience, Tempest have developed an approach that is a combination of in-house fabricated components and engine/gearbox calibrations to achieve the perfect balance. Let us unleash your vehicle’s full potential, to achieve a performance upgrade that defies belief.

1. Discussing your requirements

  • After your initial enquiry, we’ll arrange a follow-up call to discuss some further details about your vehicle and your desired Tempest package
  • A booking will be made for you to deliver your vehicle to our workshop. We can also offer a vehicle transport service to our clients if required
  • A pre-work inspection is carried out to ensure the vehicle can support the chosen package specification. This will include a cooling system pressure test, an engine compression test and general health check, ensuring existing components are in good order
  • Post successful pre-work inspections, application of our package to your vehicle will start, with detailed timelines given for completion
2. Whilst your vehicle is with us

  • We treat every vehicle that enters our workshop with the respect and care that it deserves. Post-delivery of your vehicle to us, we take several steps to protect it whilst in our care. We externally valet your vehicle and then apply a protective film to the exterior bodywork in order to keep your vehicle in pristine order
  • The handcrafted Tempest exhaust system is fabricated specifically for your vehicle
  • All major components specified for your package are fitted to your vehicle. Any supporting parts such as seals / gaskets are sourced directly from the OEM manufacturer
  • Once the build is complete with engine/gearbox mapping carried out, road testing commences to ensure the vehicle performs as expected
3. Collecting your vehicle

  • We present your vehicle back to you in our showroom and cover the modifications in detail
  • A full road test is carried out to ensure that your vehicle performs to your expectations
  • We offer an additional service upon collection where we can arrange a track day session at your chosen circuit for you to safely experience the full potential of your Tempest enhanced vehicle


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