Mercedes AMG GT C/S/R

T625 AND T750

THE POWER TO astonish

The AMG GT Series is renowned for being an already capable sports car, but we give it the power to astonish. Our packages amplify the existing formula of this driver-focused machine, with a choice of two power levels.

The T625 delivers 625+ bhp and 800+ Nm, improving power and responsiveness, providing a more thrilling drive. For those seeking Black Series levels of performance, the T750 package takes your GT beyond AMG’s best.


Every sports car deserves an epic soundtrack and we give the GT Series exactly that. As with all our exhausts, gas flow is a high priority in unlocking extra sound and power. Our performance enhancing exhaust components are fitted as standard with sport catalysts and high-quality silencers.




Whether on the road or the race track, with the potential of 750+ bhp under your right foot, feel the adrenaline rush from the rapid acceleration offered by our packages.



We choose turbocharger specifications that compliment the driving characteristics of the vehicle. Maximising flow, whilst maintaining minimal turbo lag, achieves increased performance without reducing driveability or throttle response.


Vehicle specifications

mercedes amg gt C/S/R

Engine oil upgraded to a performance specification replacement

Engine coolant upgraded to a performance specification replacement

Downpipes & sports catalyst (de-cat option available for track/motorsport use)

316 stainless steel exhaust system, with valved options available

Bespoke engine/gearbox/CPC mapping specific to T625 package

Bespoke engine/gearbox/CPC mapping specific to T750 package

Upgraded turbochargers

Upgrade air intake system

Further power output potential upon customer request

Warranty &

We are proud of our workmanship which carries a warranty as standard. Critical to ensuring the performance gains unlocked by our packages, servicing packages are available to our clients.

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